Adsense Alternatives 2017

Best CPM networksAdsense Alternatives 2017

Around two years ago when i started to run my own websites – i had to find ways to monetize them in order to gain back the server & domain costs. Maybe after month or two i could make my first website profitable, but it wasn’t enough to make a living out of atleast not in Northern Europe. I don’t want discourage people though, there is certainly a way to make living out of just writing blog posts or doing certain type of a content in your website, but it won’t be easy.

I think one of the key strategies is to use multiple CPM networks at the same time, even though you would make 1,000 – 5,000 views a day that practically is quadrupled if you are using 4 different CPM Networks. In this article i will be doing reviews out of all CPM networks ive used in the past, you have to take my word on that i haven’t been paid to promote them i only have my referral links in some of them, which is the only way i’m making money out of this (aside from the ads on my website).

Adsense google

Google Adsense Review

Adsense is probably best place to start the review from, since its the biggest one in the market. I think +90% majority are using this platform not just publishers but advertisers too, that makes it have wide range of different types of advertisement and better quality ads for the most part, this also has to do with the fact that they are looking what people have searched recently and are basing advertisements based on that. If you try to cheat on adsense, you are most likely going to get banned for life and its super hard to get back, so don’t cheat the system, google is super smart.

Revenue Grade: When it comes to CPC revenue i would say no one is rivaling adsense right now, but i have to say their CPM isn’t strong as it should be, sometimes when you are getting ton of views but no clicks you are getting paid dogshit for most part. The way they count the impressions is bit stupid too, since it doesnt seem to make difference if you have 3 or 4 ads displayed at your website.

Advertisement Sizes & Types: Google Adsense seems to offer every possible adsize possible in the market to just list few types 300 x 250, 160×600, 300×600, 720×90 and 970×90. They do not have advertisements that make sound or video, which is a good thing.

  • Payment Threshold: 70€ (Europe) or 100$ (USA) the amounts differ based on your country
  • Payment Date: NET 30
  • Payment method: Check or Bank Transfer
  • Stats Tracking: Realtime
  • Advert Types: CPC and CPM
  • Ad Fillrate: 100%
  • Sign up:


Adhexa Review

Adhexa is rather new to the whole advertisement business and there has been rumours regarding them paying or not, but i can guarantee you they actually do, they aren’t rather anything special but they do have an ability to block certain domains which is kinda cool (Other than Adsense doesn’t seem to have this feature).

Revenue Grade: They have rather good CPM compared to adversal and other all type of ad networks in this list (Outside from CPMstar & Waypoint, but they are gaming niche). Only problem is that they don’t seem to have that high fillrate atleast to my country that is.

Advertisement Sizes & Types: Adhexa seems to offer only 3 different ad types which are 300×250, 160×600 and 720×90.


Adversal Review

When you are searching out for a CPM network is important to pick ones who have been business for long time, i don’t usually jump into networks that are less than year old. These guys have been on the market for some time (Circa 2003), which means they are more likely not to be scammers and you can expect to get paid if your views were legit.

Revenue Grade: By all means Adversal is not king of CPM, but when you think about how many other new networks pay you like dogshit numbers such as ~0.01$ eCPM then you start to think Adversal isn’t half bad. Since they do have 100% fillrate, but the problem is that most of the advertisement are pretty low quality, but they do pay decently. Clicks don’t seem to pay anything even tho it lists them in

Advertisement Sizes & Types: I have absolute no use for networks that are playing advertisements that have sound, luckily you have option to switch them off along with video advertisements, obiviously these types of ads do pay better, but many of your viewers may not want to hear/see those. There is also option for popups/popunder if thats what you are interested in. Along with this we have our usual display ads sizes of 300×1050, 300×600, 300×250, 720×90, 468×60, 160×600 and 320×50.


Fidelity Media Review

As i mentioned previously its important to find a Publisher Network that has been in business for while and Fidelity Media is one of those that have been around around 5 years or more, so they are pretty legit in that sense.

Revenue Grade: Fidelity has pretty okay eCPM, which is about the same level with adversal for instance, but there is problem that they are showcasing audio/video advertisements and you don’t have an option to turn them off, this is a big minus for me personally and thats why i don’t really use their services anymore, except on one of my websites these days.

Advertisement Sizes & Types: Fidelity may not have biggest pool of different options when it comes to ad sizes; 160×600, 300×250 and 728×90. Although they have a separate Mobile ad option as well 320×50, they do not have popups or popunders thankfully, but however have an option to use passtag ads if you wish to do so.

  • Payment Threshold: 5$ PayPal/Check or 500$ Bank transfer
  • Payment Date: NET 45
  • Payment method: PayPal, Bank Transfer and Check
  • Stats Tracking: Daily
  • Advert Types: CPM
  • Ad Fillrate: 98-100%
  • Sign up:

Propeller Ads Media Review

Propeller Ads Media Review

This Ad Network has been around since 2011, so they got some experience in the current market. There is stuff what i like about the network and stuff i don’t like about it, first of all when you don’t have PayPal as payment thats a Alarm sign for me personally (maybe not for you though).

Revenue Grade: While i don’t think propeller has strongest CPM in the market they  do have good fillrate atleast they claim to have 100%, however their sales system is based on CPM, CPL and CPA which is going to push up the overall revenue quite high despite lower CPM rates.

Advertisement Sizes & Types: Propeller has good collection of different ad types consisting of Popunder, Direct, Mobile Banner, Mobile Interstitial and of course Normal banner sizes of 300×250, 468×90, 728×90, 160×600, 120×600, 320×50, 800×440 and 80×600.

  • Payment Threshold: 100$
  • Payment Date: NET 30
  • Payment method: EPESE, Payoneer Prepaid/Bank Transfer, Wire USD/EUR and Webmoney
  • Stats Tracking: Daily
  • Advert Types: CPM, CPL and CPA
  • Ad Fillrate: 100%
  • Sign up:

waypoint media

Waypoint Media Review (Gaming/Other)

This network is probably one of the best if not the best ive been with. Waypoint is very new to the game, but ive always gotten paid from them and thats what really matters in the endgame. They are very focused around Gaming type of websites, so if you are not in that field you might not get approved as a partner.

Revenue Grade: They are hands down best CPM network and no other network has paid well as they are currently. They seem to have very special clients too, since lot of their ads haven’t been displayed by rival networks. For the most part my eCPM has been around 0.30$ – 0.35$, while with others it has been 0.05$ to 0.15$ and thats big load of difference.

Advertisement Sizes & Types: While they have high CPM in general they don’t sadly have that many ad types at disposal for now. They have the standard 160×600, 728×90 and 300×250 ad types.

  • Payment Threshold: There doesn’t seem to be one for PayPal
  • Payment Date: NET 45
  • Payment method: PayPal & Bank transfer
  • Stats Tracking: Live stats
  • Advert Types: CPM
  • Ad Fillrate: ~98%
  • Sign up:


CPM Star Review (Gaming)

Another “Gaming Only” based CPM network, which i would recommend for every gaming website out there. These guys have been in business since 2001 and that is quite of an achievement really and have to give props for being able to stay in the business.  What makes them really special is that they offer multiple different services so you got something for everyone.

Revenue Grade: This network pays really well if you have around 2-5 of their adverts displayed in your website, they seem to count all of them into total impression count, which makes them pay quite well for advertisements. Their eCPM has been higher than Adversal or Fidelity, which is somewhat surprising sometimes taken the fact that gaming related ads always have paid less than other industries.

Advertisement Sizes & Types: So CPMstar offers great deal of different ad types – their normal ad sizes are 300×600, 728×90, 160×600 and 300×250. Top of this they do have Editorials (CPA) which will pay you a certain rate when person registers to a certain game that they have listed on their website. They also have Site Skin which is another way to boost CPM rates, finally they have an option for Flash advertisements for your games or video ads that play when you enter the website. For the most part they have one of the best options to suit multiple different categories of adverts.

  • Payment Threshold: 1$
  • Payment Date: NET 30
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Stats Tracking: Live stats
  • Advert Types: CPM, CPA and CPC
  • Ad Fillrate: 100% ?
  • Sign up:


H12 Media Review

Even though these guys might have the worst name, poor looking frontpage and bad logo, they still have pretty damn good eCPM and dashboard. They have been business now for over three years, which will bring some legitimacy to their business. One thing i don’t like about them is that you have to “request” your payment, that means they don’t have automatic system in place, which means that they are hoping some people forget to ask their money.

Revenue Grade: Comparing H12 to other competition they seem to be pretty even with Adversal and Fidelity on eCPM scale of things. I think they have decent eCPM and because of that i would suggest them to a normal small-medium sized websites. One of the problems with this network is that they don’t have 100% fillrate, which means you should have something else along with it.

Advertisement Sizes & Types: What i really like about these guys is that they have multiple slider options, also on-video and popup options. Of course they have wide range of normal/special advertisement sizes of 120×600, 160×600, 300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 300×600, 320×50, 336×280, 800×440 and 970×90.

  • Payment Threshold: 25$ PayPal & 500$ bank transfer
  • Payment Date: You are able to request payments twice a month when you meet threshold (NET 30 & NET 1-3)
  • Payment method: PayPal & Bank transfer
  • Stats Tracking: Almost Real time
  • Advert Types: CPM
  • Ad Fillrate: 68%
  • Sign up:


Copacet Review (Gaming)

These guys are one of the few that are only offering CPC advertisements and that isn’t neccessarily a bad thing by all means, its just that something some people prefer over crappy CPM Deals. One of their benefits is that they have very low payment tresholds and they pay often. They do require you to be only exclusive popunder provider in the website however.

Revenue Grade: It’s hard to comparisons since i dont use CPC networks that often, but have to say numbers still looked pretty decent based on the clicks i got.

Advertisement Sizes & Types: These guys mostly focus around pre-roll and popunders, but also have normal banners too with sizes of 336×280, 300×250, 728×90, 468×60, 160×600, 100×100 and 120×600.

  • Payment Threshold: 50$ PayPal & 1000$ Wire, Payoneer 50$ and check 50$
  • Payment Date: NET zero to NET 3 its based on which payment options you choose
  • Payment method: PayPal, Payoneer, Check & Wire
  • Stats Tracking:  Real time
  • Advert Types: CPC
  • Ad Fillrate: 100%
  • Sign up:

Infolinks review

Infolinks Review

The whole concept of Infolinks is slightly different compared to the others, they mostly create anchor links in your website and you have option how many you would like to appear per page. Also they have option to get you tags also have anchor links.

Revenue Grade: Looking it from CPM angle i think infolinks pays relatively well, however their fillrate isn’t amazing and i don’t get paid all the views i have really, which is a bit of a problem.

Advertisement Sizes & Types: They give you option to transfer text to links and other option is to have tag clouds above and below content. No normal ad banners are included.

  • Payment Threshold:  PayPal 50$ &  Wire 100$, Payoneer 50$, Western Union 75$
  • Payment Date: NET 45
  • Payment method: PayPal, Payoneer, Local Bank Transfer, Wire and Western Union
  • Stats Tracking:  Daily
  • Advert Types: CPM
  • Ad Fillrate: Probably around 80%
  • Sign up:


Mobicow Review

If you have a website that has high volume of Mobile traffic this is a network that is really going to help you out with that problem. While its “Mobile only” i do think its perfect tag along with other CPM ad networks out there. I highly suggest having only one mobile ad network though on your website.

Revenue Grade: When it comes to mobile adverts eCPM tends to be higher than normal, atleast on mobicow’s case, however you are not making so many mobile views as you are normal views and thats something you have to remember. I would bet my money still that this network is probably giving highest CPM for Mobile views out there, even better than Googles Admob.

Advertisement Sizes & Types: There is only really one type of advertisement popup that happens, you are able to choose what triggers it such as opening a link or moving the screen for example. You also have an ability to set how frequently it will appear from 5 min to 1 day.

yield Select

YieldSelect Review

Pretty poor alternative to most ad networks out there, but they do offer wide arrange of ad types. I find their CPM rather lacking and having 50$ payment threshold is rather huge. They also lack a referral system

Revenue Grade: Initially it felt that i was getting pretty bad CPM for the volume traffic that i was bringing in, however it improved slightly after while , but still quite low

Advertisement Sizes & Types:  Of course they have wide range of normal/special advertisement sizes of 120×600, 160×600, 300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 300×600, 320×50, 336×280, 800×440 and 970×90.

  • Payment Threshold: 50$
  • Payment Date: NET 45
  • Payment method: PayPal, Check and ACH
  • Stats Tracking: Updates few times a day
  • Advert Types: CPM
  • Ad Fillrate: Not 100%
  • Sign up:

I’ll be updating this list as more data i have, surely there are more good networks i just haven’t had experiences with them so i can’t review them. If you want to contact me you can do it by and ill help you out or perhaps you have an ad network which needs to be reviewed i might do that too. You can leave questions in comment section

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