• TV Review

    House Of Lies Review

    House Of Lies Review One of my favorite Dramedy series of the decade has been House Of Lies it’s a series that has strong cast of guest characters and regulars like Don Cheadle & Kristen Bell. One of the things that made me interested more was probably the setting, media consultation is something that you…

  • Philosophy

    Tao Te Ching

    Tao Te Ching Here is English translated version of Tao Te Ching a Poem / Story written my Lao Tzu (Laozi). Religious or not you can find lot of wisdom in these all words written over 2,500 years ago. Chapter #1  – Tao (The Way) that can be spoken of is not the Constant Tao’ The…

  • TV Review

    Samurai Jack Review

    Samurai Jack Review First cartoon review ive done and plan to do much more of these. With the recent hype of Season 5 of Samurai Jack’s revival i thought it would be good to review the original series and find out is it worth watching. Of course if you are planning to watch it don’t…

  • TV Review

    Halfworlds Review

    Halfworlds Season 1 Review Halfworlds is a dark fantasy thriller television series produced and created by HBO Asia. Set in present-day Asia, the series reveals an underground society populated by demons from Asian folklore. Here is my mostly filler free review about the series Premise Set in the city of Jakarta in Indonesia – Halfworlds…

  • Tech Tutorial

    Blurring in Sony Vegas

    Blurring in Sony Vegas This time i will be showing another Sony Vegas trick “Blur” which is something that lot of people are using constantly on their videos, its great way to avoid content ID Strikes on YouTube and has other cool uses when it comes to editing your footage.  Here is a quick rundown…

  • TV Review

    2017 TV Guide

    2017 TV Guide Last year had lot of great TV-Series such as The Magicians, Westworld, The Expanse and so on. The 2017 is very soon and i decided to compile a list of very remarkable new tv-series coming up for the year. Unlike other sites i won’t be listing reality TV-series, Specials or Sports broadcasts…

  • Business

    PayPal Alternatives

    PayPal Alternatives While PayPal might be biggest Internet bank out there, its important to remember its not available around the world for example it was discontinued in Turkey & Cyprus just recently, so there is lot of people who are looking for certain alternatives for PayPal to send, withdraw or trade money in and i’m…

  • Editorial

    Routenote Review | No need for Record Labels

    Routenote Review | No need for Record Labels Out of all media platforms in last 10 years music is the one that has changed the most. Record labels were making lot more money and they had more power too over artists and the industry, but things have changed. Now days you don´t even need a Record…

  • Game News

    G2A Discount Code

    G2A Discount Code Happy to announce that ive received a G2A.com discount code for my brand. Everyone are able to use it (only once per account however) and everything that you really need to do is enter the code “SUGI” in coupon/promo code slot once you are in checkout and you will get -3% discount…

  • Youtube News & Reviews

    List of YouTube Sub Networks

    List of YouTube Sub Networks Since my original article was success where i listed all YouTube networks, decided to have another list, which has all Sub-networks that are enlisted below them, however not every network is taking or has sub-networks sometimes they may go around a different name status on YouTube´s register, but still are…

  • Youtube News & Reviews

    YouTube Views Exploit

    YouTube Views Exploit Recently there has been a wave of new frauds & scammers that are exploiting the new YouTube views system, i guess so to speak they found a loophole in algorithm system and now are exploiting it. While frauds aren’t a new thing there already is bunch of people freebooting from Facebook (vice…

  • Game News

    Best Web Browsers?

    Best Web Browsers? Since most articles about Web Browsers are either outdated or lacking i decided to compile a list of website browsers to guide people to choose what fits best for them and their platform whatever it be Windows, MAC or Linux. There is probably lost of browsers that most people haven´t heard about…

  • Photoshop Tutorials

    YouTube Thumbnail Tutorial

    YouTube Thumbnail Tutorial My first Photoshop tutorial will be about how to create cool looking YouTube thumbnails. It doesn´t take a wizard to make a clean looking thumbnail with simple tricks and without downloading any plugins or parts. I suggest however checking out Dafont for fonts to use, because some of the windows, mac or…

  • Tech Tutorial

    Twitch Streaming Tutorial

    Twitch Streaming Tutorial Since there are always those people who aren’t very tech savvy i decided to create a OBS tutorial how to stream to Twitch.tv with simple steps explaining all features and so on. As what comes to the personal settings and numbers on OBS i will explain on video, while in this article…

  • Tech Tutorial

    Sony Vegas Time Lapse Tutorial

    Sony Vegas Time Lapse Tutorial This will be my first Sony Vegas tutorial on my website and there will be lot more of these in the upcoming weeks and days. Starting with very simple stuff – we are going to learn how to do Time Lapse and Slow Motion effect with Sony Vegas today. These…

  • Tech Tutorial

    Multi Stream Guide

    Multi Stream Guide When it comes to growing streaming audience or just expanding fan base over multiple platforms – Multi streaming might be a good option. While some people do it inconvenient ways like running multiple programs to stream multiple locations at once there is an easier solution to all of this. I’ve been using…

  • Business

    List of Link Shorteners

    List of Link Shorteners For those who need to have shorter links to make them look better or just want to make bit of cash & revenue out of links you have come in the right place. Ive compiled a list of great Link Shortener websites that will make your everyday link problems go away….

  • Editorial

    Subscription Box Reviews

    Subscription Box Reviews Back in the day lot of people had subscription based newspapers or magazines that no longer is very viable or popular model. But when one flag goes down other one goes up – that being Subscription Boxes in this case. So the concept in theory is that you subscribe to this system…

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