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Best Web Browsers?



Best Web Browsers?

Since most articles about Web Browsers are either outdated or lacking i decided to compile a list of website browsers to guide people to choose what fits best for them and their platform whatever it be Windows, MAC or Linux. There is probably lost of browsers that most people haven´t heard about and usually the best browsers aren’t even that popular. Finding best web browsers might take time, but hopefully this will help you a bit.


Firefox Review

Mozilla Firefox is the top 4 most used browsers out there and i would say at some point it was probably the best. But lately it has taken a huge downfall on its popularity and ive personally witnessed lot of crashing and Flash player particularly stops working now and then. One of the core issues with Firefox is that if you have multiple tabs it will eat lot of RAM from your PC and for those people it becomes rather bad choice to go with.

ChromeChrome Review

The most popular browser right now is Chrome, its not a surprise since its owned by Google. While many people say its the best browser out there, i feel its one of the best, but not ultimately best. What i like about Chrome is the fact it has lot plugins for it and majority of the website are built for chrome usage like YouTube. However the basic version of Chrome can be somewhat lacking, for example it doesn´t have very good homepage system and i feel that there is less settings on the browser compared to Mozilla or others.

Internet explorerInternet Explorer Review

That thing that cannot be removed from your Windows, since Microsoft doesn´t want it gone, granted this has to be one of the slowest and worst browsers out there. There aren’t really any plugins for the Internet Explorer and it doesnt fully support YouTube even and Microsoft has dropped patching and has gone fully with Edge these days. Only thing you need Internet explorer for is to download another browser (Yes i´m serious about this joke).

microsoft_edge_logo_detailMicrosoft Edge Review

Edge essentially is 2.0 version of the explorer, its actually rather good since its lightweight and more modern layout compared to its predecessor. While its not really made for plugins and such, its more like for general users who don’t customize their stuff on browsers. Edge is however exclusive to Windows 10 and above so you can´t get it sadly on other devices.

UC BrowserUC Browser Review

Perhaps out of all browsers that i am currently using UC browser has to be my favorite, i find it very lightweight, fast and it has cool features built in it for YouTube specially, which lets you download the videos or move the play screen as you scroll through the comments. Lot of animations are also very cool and it has nicely built front page interface. It also has mobile version out of it if you are interested to expand your love through android, JAVA or iPhone perhaps.

  • Plugins & Addons: Rather lacking (Might get more on future)
  • Speed: Very fast
  • Linux: No
  • MAC: No (Only on Tablets & iPhone)
  • Download:


Vivaldi Browser Review

First thing that happens with Vivaldi is that you setup your browsers layout, it lets you choose what colors it will have and where the tabs are located among backgrounds. Its rather high quality browser when it comes to visuals and i also like the speed dial system at the start, reminds me of a better version of Opera really (Well actually the guys who made Opera created Vivaldi, after they didn’t like the direction opera was going).


Opera Browser Review

Since i already mentioned Vivaldi, its only logical that i have to talk about Opera as well. At some stage perhaps 3-5 years back i felt that Opera was ultimately best browser but it never was the most popular one out there. Its still decent browser, but it has some flaws in it. It has significantly become slower than it used to be in the past and some things about speed dial gone to shit literally from its past iterations. If you compare it to Vivaldi it has more plugins for it, but i like layout better in Vivaldi than Opera.

  • Plugins & Addons: Decent selection
  • Speed: Average
  • Linux: Yes
  • MAC: Yes
  • Download:

To be continued…plan to fill the rest of the browsers here in upcoming weeks and months stay tuned for final version.


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