Best Ways to Make Revenue with Websites


10 Ways to make money with your websiteBest Ways to Make Revenue with Websites

There are millions and millions websites out there for different types of content, some may be a front for their Company or product – then you have multiple blogs and news sites that provide daily to bi weekly content for readers to consume. Whatever if its a forum or a Graphics service, there are always multiple ways to make money via different types of ways. Many succesful people ran blogs for living or a side job and i’m going to help out you how to be one step closer to that goal.

In this article i will be going through multiple ways to make revenue with your website outside of just selling a product or a service. I will probably keep updating the stuff once things change and i get new ideas to make that revenue through different types of websites. Post is still work in progress


Banner Ads

Banner Advertisements

The most common format to make revenue with websites is Display Advertisements that are usually shown in the top, bottom and sides of the website. Most of the time they are paying you on CPM basis which means that depending how many people see the advertisement you will get flatrate like lets say 1.50$ for 1,000 views from certain top tier countries like USA, Canada and UK. There are multiple Ad networks that provide these type of services and you should look article that i did while ago to get more understanding how everything works here:


Affiliate Linking

Affiliate Marketing

Sometimes you see lot of Amazon or Ebay links in certain websites, that means they are using affiliate links. How these basically work is well demonstrated on the picture above, but to put it bluntly you may have a certain product which you are featuring and if people buy that product via that link you will get a % commission from the sale. This can be anywhere from 3-11% based whatever that affiliate provider may give. This also extend to referral links in general services that give you money for signing up for services and you will get cut from their earnings or products they have bought. More information here ->


Link Shorteners

There are couple of websites like Linkbucks and that convert your URL to a short link and advert will play out once they click it and you will get paid for that.  While these are considered somewhat annoying and used mainly on low quality websites, they still give decent earnings, since adblock doesn’t affect the numbers. However many users may not like service like this and for that reason is not highly always recommended to use these. You can check out lot of Link shortener reviews here –



Product & Other Reviews

One way is to contact certain companies for products to review, perhaps they give you a free copy and some money for writing a review about it.  There are sites like PayPerPost, Sponsored Reviews, and BlogVertise . Which offer people to find products and stuff to review at your blog or website and get a product or money in return. While it may be harder for certain niches and smaller websites, if you got some good traffic i am sure you can attract some sponsors.


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