Death Note Review (2017)

Death Note Review (2017)

It’s been a while since ive done written reviews or written anything in general, this time i can talk about the new Netflix Original Movie “Death Note” which is based on a manga of same name which was later adapted into a very successful anime back in 2006 and three Live Action Films in Japan.


  • Nat Wolff as Light Turner / Kira: A high-school student who discovers the titular “Death Note” and uses it to kill criminals by writing their names and causes of death, and thus becoming a world-famous serial killer, praised by law enforcement.
  • Lakeith Stanfield as L: A highly intelligent and skilled detective who is determined to capture Kira and end his reign.
  • Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton / Kira: Light’s classmate and love interest, who becomes an ally in his mission to rid the world of criminals, eventually seeking to kill those who seek to stop them.
  • Shea Whigham as James Turner: Light’s father and a police officer who aids L in bringing down the mysterious Kira, unaware that he is Light.
  • Paul Nakauchi as Watari: L’s assistant.
  • Willem Dafoe and Jason Liles as Ryuk: A demonic god of death and the creator of the Death Note, who begins communicating with Light when he receives the book and warns him about its repercussions. Liles played the character in costume, while Dafoe provided voice work and performance capture for the facial elements.

If you are expecting something that is close to the source material with this hollywood adaption you have come into the wrong place. Well i think this is really almost everytime with the case on game/anime adaptions on the big screen, they hardly done right (I could argue Hitman was OK and new Netflix Castlevania was great too).

First of all casting choices are not really that similar looking to any of the source material, biggest shock probably being “L” is played by a black man (Lakeith Stanfield), this is Warner Bros movie so kosher type of cultural Marxist practices are expected. He didn’t do that badly really, but he just didn’t sell me on the point that he was L, he was much more aggressive and less laid back compared to the original character, hes eating habits somewhat portrayed the original as well which was good.

Margaret Qualley didnt even bother to dye her hair blonde or make at least similar hair style to Misa, which was also very low effort performance in my point of a view, she was bit more crazier than Kira in this version than in source material.

Our protagonist is played by (((Nat Wolff))) and he looks somewhat like Yagami, but ends up being lot more pussier and perhaps less hard on his beliefs and certain level of madness is missing from his performance. At least hes hairstyle somewhat represented the original design to an extent.

Willem Da foe is godtier actor in my opinion and he did kinda cool job with being creepy voice of Ryuk even though he really did have very small role in the movie in my opinion. hes character also was very off, being lot more diabolical and wanted more chaos, in lot of ways he was smarter than Light in this movie adaption while i would argue he was bit more sillier and goofy on the original version and played far more neutral role.

I think the movie is way too fast for its phasing and could’ve been longer, lot of vital things were removed like Light being part of investigation team and him being friends with L as well. Near and the other kid don’t even exist in this movie among lot of other important characters like 3rd death note user.

To Summarize it started out badly and it got bit better after first 30 minutes, but didn’t live up to tension of the original series and soundtrack was badly off and it just did feel way too much like American movie, which i didn’t prefer really.

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