J-List Coupon

If you are shopping at either J-List or J-Box you might want to save up some money by using a coupon. This Coupon will get you 5% Discount “MOE-DZD-CMOY9X” at checkout when applied.

J-List (officially Yūgen Gaisha J-List) is an online retailer of Japanese goods for consumers outside Japan, with a concentration on otaku goods, anime and manga. The company was established by American expatriate Peter Payne, in 1996. Its head office is located in Isesaki, Gunma, Japan. JBOX is a division of J-List.

You can use this coupon many times as you want as a guest, but only once when as a registered user. As i said earlier it works at both sites and can be applied with majority of the products on the site, but when there is already an existing deal like Pre-Order bonus it may not work.

  • They are selling lot of different types of snack products, adult toys and lot of manga (Hentai orientated) Among DVD / Blu-ray stuff as well.

Using this coupon will support this website & me directly, so thanks in advance for using it.


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