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List of Link Shorteners

For those who need to have shorter links to make them look better or just want to make bit of cash & revenue out of links you have come in the right place. Ive compiled a list of great Link Shortener websites that will make your everyday link problems go away. You can make decent amount of side income with Link shorteners, but unless you have bunch of niches or lot of clicks in general its hard to make 4 or 3 digit numbers in monthly basis. Some websites have banned certain link shortener’s that you can’t use them altogether.

Linkbucks review

Linkbucks Review

When it comes to any type of an advertisement firm you should always go with most trustworthy and that is usually the company that has stayed in the space for long time. Linkbucks being one of the oldest in the market right now, i have to say that they always have paid in time and I’ve been using them since 2013

What makes linkbucks pretty strong is that they have multiple URL Domains at your disposal and has support for +18 ages aka adult traffic option. They also offer lot different type of API for their publishers in-case you are interested in that line of stuff. They also have referral program, which is on for lifetime.

  • Payment Options: PayPal & Payoneer
  • Minimum Payment:  10$ (PayPal) and 20$ (Payoneer)
  • Statistics: Update almost real-time
  • Adult Traffic Allowed: Yes
  • Link types: You have normal links without an advertisement, you have option for pop under ads and normal Intermission ads, among visit and full page scripts.
  • Register Now:

p.txt Review

These guys also been around since 2013 in the market and i didn’t hear about them until recently. What i really like about these guys is the fact they are doing automatic payments instead of some other platforms asking you to request the payments. Also their payout numbers seem to be bit lower than rest of the competition apparently. I also have to praise them for having pretty high CPM compared to their competition.

They also have Special plugins for WordPress, Twitter, and other social Media. Also there is Mass shrinker tool that lets you convert multiple links in no time which comes in pretty handy. They also have an API if you need one.

  • Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer and Webmoney
  • Minimum Payment:  5$ (PayPal & Webmoney) and 20$ (Payoneer)
  • Statistics: Multiple times a Day
  • Adult Traffic Allowed: No
  • Link types:  Normal Intermission Ads
  • Register Now: review Review

This is the service that i started with originally and i have to say they are probably most known in the space as well.  You can always count them paying, because they are legit company and thats something you always need to have. They have the usual benefits of having multiple payment options, mass link shortening, full page scripts for your website and even locker links which pay really good money (At least they used to)

They also have 3 different domains that you can use, but sadly is blocked on certain websites already so i would be careful using it everywhere. There is also chance for daily payments, if you are making 5$ per day and been with for longer period of time, rather neat feature if you happened to get that big.

  • Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer and Payza
  • Minimum Payment:  5$ (PayPal & Payza) and 10$ (Payoneer)
  • Statistics: Multiple times a Day
  • Adult Traffic Allowed: No
  • Link types:  Normal Intermission Ads, Framed Banners and full site script
  • Register Now:

Ouo Review

A bit newer service compared to the ones we had before on the list, Ouo has pretty normal features like Quick Link, Full page script & Mass Shrinker for instance. They also have a referral program identical to everyone else, which is weird but i guess it works out for me really well.

They say that they have Payoneer option, but doesn’t seem to be available yet, however they do have automatic payments which i really always liked about these services (should be a norm to be honest). While they may seem bit lackluster compared to others i still recommend using multiple platforms as possible in this line of work.

  • Payment Options: PayPal
  • Minimum Payment:  5$
  • Statistics: Not Sure yet
  • Adult Traffic Allowed: No
  • Link types: Quick Link, Full page script,
  • Register Now:

I will be updating this thread much as possible in future, if you happen to have things that i could list i recommend sending an email to and i maybe give your service a try and write a small review about it on this thread.

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