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List of YouTube Sub Networks

Since my original article was success where i listed all YouTube networks, decided to have another list, which has all Sub-networks that are enlisted below them, however not every network is taking or has sub-networks sometimes they may go around a different name status on YouTube´s register, but still are part of the main MCN. You can tell me some sub-networks in comment section below and im likely to list them.

Ive added country flags to indicate, in which languages the support/network is based on. Hopefully that helps out in the process making right decision for you to what network you want to join.

Scalelab review

Currently the 11th biggest network based on SocialBlade statistics and is also owner of Division SL and Zoonix (However separate dashboards, payments and staff). The Dashboard is also translated in several languages such as Dutch, German, English,

Freedom Logo

The Largest YouTube network out there (Terms of views and partners) ran by George Vanous who were previously working at BroadbandTV (BBTV) until decided to leave them and start his own network based on Philippines.


British based network that is pretty new, but still has rather established partner base and has pretty cool features in general. They operate under Scalelab, but have their own staff, dashboard, features and support team.


One of the networks that is part of the Illuminata Media Group that is huge media platform, yet had some dubious people working there like Kamran Sankey. Zoomin is based on Netherlands, however the website and support is in English however.

Post work in progress….

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