The Love Witch Review

The Love Witch Review

Been avoiding lot of movies recently – i guess that stems down to TV industry just getting better with their scripted material and all that. Ive decided to start reviewing a lot more of Movies from now on – perhaps focusing lot more on the Indie stuff than mainstream Triple A movies (Not that i will exclude the possibility of doing them either).

The Love Witch uses the figure of the witch as a metaphor for women in general, as both an embodiment of men’s fears of women, and of women’s own innate powers of intuition and as mothers and sorceresses. The lead character of the film is a young woman who uses magic to make men love her. Her character is an examination of the femme fatale archetype. The film embraces the camp of 1960s horror, examining issues of love, desire, and narcissism through a feminist perspective. Anna Biller is a feminist filmmaker whose take on cinema is influenced by feminist film theory.

The film is highly stylized with elaborate set and costume design and a color palette to match the aesthetic of Technicolor. It imitates a 1960’s look, although the story is set in the present day and features modern cars and mobile phones

The Love Witch surely is something else compared to modern day movies, one fact that makes it rather unique is the Technicolor style which gives it 60’s – 70’s feel, which some people might be nostalgic to. Being honest i think it has its appeal even to me a guy who hates lot stuff like Black & White movies. But in this specific context i do find it good.

The Setting of the movie has lot of focus on different type of a Female role, i guess which is more empowered by being Sexual and seducer of sorts. It’s really a combination of comedy and horror – i mean im not sure was it suppose to be pure horror or something, but i laughed more than i was scared lets just say that.

Great Stuff

  • Samantha Robinson, Samantha Robinson & Samantha Robinson
  • Technicolor style done well
  • The Men in the Movie were rather entertaining with their affect towards Elaine

Bad Stuff

  • I feel that movie could have used more background / ambient music on some the scenes
  • Not probably the best ending out there
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