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OBS Multi-platform Tutorial


OBS Multi-Platform Tutorial

So if you are either considering streaming or are streaming you are probably aware of the 2 main programs that are used. Xsplit is one which has a variation of features and accessibility but to unlock all the features you have to have a subscription and it costs either $4.95USD/month for personal or $8.95USD for premium the free version just has basic features and your aren’t able to add any plugins.. Now there is a free alternative that gives you the same amount of  features and in some cases more which this program is called OBS or Open Broadcaster Software, there are two versions of but both are free. OBS which is only available for Windows and OBS Multi-platform which is available on Windows/MACOSX/Linux with the production of Multi-platform came a lot more versatility and more settings.


New Features

Alot of few features were added such as;

  • New audio options were you can split audio tracks which makes editing videos much easier if you use it primarily for YouTube videos.
  • Better capture card support.
  • More stability when using the program.
  • Cleaner UI layout and more options when including applications you want to capture.
  • A resource calculator showing how much CPU OBS is using.

Removed Features

As of right now there are a few things that have been removed due to programming issues which are currently being worked out. Such as not being able to use your graphics card to encode the video so if you have a weak CPU but a good GPU you may not get the best performance out of your PC when recording or even streaming.

Now that we have gotten the introduction and features out of the way we can get on with the tutorial.

My Current Settings for Streaming/Recording at 720p

So if you are streaming the first thing you want to do is go to either your Twitch/Hitbox/YouTube page and get the stream key connected to your account to find your stream key click on the links provided for twitch and hitbox. For YouTube you need to go to the link provided and scroll down until you see Monetization.

Dashboard Twitch Hitbox KeyYouTube Live

Now what you will want to do is open OBS Multi-platform go into your settings,stream tab then choose which service you would like to use, and enter the stream key for that specific service then hit apply.

Stream Key

Here you can also choose what server you would like to use most of the time the closest server to you will have the best connection which will produce a better quality stream with less lag and delay most of the time depending on your internet connection of course. Next comes the settings to use for what I have noticed to be the best quality for 720p.


Now that we have all the things taken care of outside of OBS we will start focusing directly with OBS settings. Open OBS if it is not opened already and go into the settings. Choose the Output tab and at the top where it says Output mode use change it from simple to advanced so it is easier to navigate certain settings.

Advanced Settigns

Next hit rescale output and click where the resolution is and change it to 1280×720. Now that this settings is 720p your stream will be in that resolution. Next if you just want to record click the Recording tab next to Streaming tab and make sure you are using the setting (Use stream encoder). This will make sure your settings are the same as streaming fro recording just video.

Recorduing Tab

Next to just make sure everything is correctly oriented your going to want to hit apply. Settings will close but for the next step your going to want to reopen settings but this time your going to want to go into the Video tab on the left hand side.


Here your going to want to make sure your Base (Canvas) Resolution is set to the full resolution of your monitor your using. Then make sure your Output (Scale) Resolution is set to 1280×720. Now for certain games or programs you may have to adjust this accordingly. And I don’t really recommend disabling Aero because OBS has a problem capturing certain programs when you use that setting. If you do decide to use this make sure the program your going to record or stream is in windowed mode and when you add a source to the scene use window capture so you are less likely to have problems. vcxzvh

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