PayPal Alternatives



PayPal Alternatives

While PayPal might be biggest Internet bank out there, its important to remember its not available around the world for example it was discontinued in Turkey & Cyprus just recently, so there is lot of people who are looking for certain alternatives for PayPal to send, withdraw or trade money in and i’m going to list some of those alternatives to you people. I’ll keep updating this post now and then to showcase new alternatives and internet wallets / exchangers for the readers.


Skrill Review

One good safe alternative to PayPal is Skrill – it pretty much offers very similar services compared to PayPal such as own Prepaid card combined with Master Card (Annual Card fee 10€) among this you can link your credit, debit cards and bank accounts to Skrill Account. There are some limitations on transfers and withdrawals until you are fully verified (Meaning they will check if the address matches up what you gave them). In terms of places where you can use Skrill to pay stuff ive seen it couple of gambling sites.


Payoneer Review

Another very trusted alternative is known as Payoneer, while it may be slightly harder to get an account to payoneer also take more time, i do think they are worth it. Top of this of course they have MasterCard sync possibility if you are looking into something like that. It’s a great service to send money internationally without huge transfer costs like the normal banks do, really recommending this one for businesses, not thats its bad for individuals.


Payza Review

When it comes to these Internet bank things i think longevity of the company is a definite plus and Payza has been around for quite some time already. What i really like about Payza is the fact that they are as i already mentioned established and they have very nice UI in their website and PIN system that creates extra layer of safety for your account. Of course you have the ability to withdraw money also from your account to your bank account.


Dwolla Review

Dwolla is yet another simple alternative for PayPal, as a payment service and a platform to send money to anyone on internet. If normal users can use Dwolla to make online payments and sending or receiving money, business owners can make use of Dwolla by using the platform to receive money from their customers. Using Dwolla, it is possible for you to send money to email addresses, LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers, phone numbers and businesses that accept Dwolla. Another feature of Dwolla is Dwolla MassPay, which lets you process thousands of payments at a time.

  • Availability: USA
  • Transfer to Bank Account: Yes
  • Currencies: USD ?
  • Apps: Android & Apple
  • Verification:  Bank Account
  • Website:


Stripe Review

Out of the all listed services here Stripe seems to be most developer friendly and something that is more aimed perhaps for businesses than individual users perhaps? It’s becoming somewhat popular since its picked up by big sites like Shopify for example. Due not being a seller or anything i do have limited experience with this service. Stripe accepts a variety of payment methods including cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB. In addition, Stripe can process transactions in around 100 currencies.

  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Transfer to Bank Account: Not sure
  • Currencies:  +100
  • Apps: Android & Apple
  • Verification:  Not sure
  • Website:


Webmoney Review

This one is Russian based platform that lets you actually combine wallets from Qiwi & Yandex.Money for example with Webmoney account. I have to say that these guys have complicated platform and rather confusing at times and takes some time to learn properly. Since you have to create wallets for each separate currency – but they also have good stuff like phone verification and you can ask for loans from the company itself.

  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Transfer to Bank Account: Yes
  • Currencies:  EUR, RUB, USD, GBP
  • Apps: Android & Apple
  • Verification:  I Believe Phone
  • Website:


Cryptonator Review

I decided to add at least one crypto currency wallet here. There is quite many of these around and honestly i’m not super big expert on the subject, however i did some research and this one seems to be one of the more legit ones out there. The key is usually use a platform that has multiple coins, one could argue that only 3-5 actually matter, since others are worthless in value – but that might of course change due time.

  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Transfer to Bank Account: No?
  • Currencies:  Bitcoin, Blackcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Emercoin, Litecoin, Paycoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, Reddcoin and fiat wallets for USD/EUR/RUB
  • Apps: Android & Apple
  • Verification:  None
  • Website:


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