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We live in interesting times when it comes to entertainment and how we consume it, whatever it be through netflix, hulu, spotify or even game streaming platforms like Twitch. In this article i will be talking about different streaming platforms that offer partnerships and requirements for them, which offer you money for playing ads or getting subscribers. I do wanna warn people as a fellow streamer that you won’t be making jack shit before you hit certain number of viewers – you are better off with a YouTube Partnership which will allow you get more consistent money. Partner

Twitch is the giant in the streaming space and currently has 900 Billion views monthly on their website. It is by far the largest streaming website and currently focuses around gaming, but not too long ago they decided to allow music concerts and music streams at their website. Since they are pretty large platform it also means that they have highest requirements to get partnered. While the website is bit lacking on features and the chat system has huge delay compared to competition it still has largest viewer base as of right now.


  • Average concurrent viewership of 500+ (not just a one-time peak)
  • Regular broadcast schedule of at least 3 times a week
  • Content that conforms to Terms of Service and DMCA Guidelines
  • Exclusively streaming at Twitch (Multi streaming not allowed)

Or if you have existing YouTube Channel

  • Average views per video: 15,000+
  • Subscribers: 100,000+
  • Content that conforms to Twitch Terms of Service and DMCA Guidelines
  • Exclusively streaming at Twitch (Multi streaming not allowed)

Benefits Of Joining

  • Subscription button of 4,99$ and you will be getting 50% of each person who subscribes to your channel
  • Ability to set Broadcast delay up to 15 minutes (Useful for tournament play)
  • Own Emojis and chat badge for subscribers
  • Ad Revenue from Pre-rolls and ads that you will play during the stream, of course you will be also gaining money from VOD’s Partner

When old streaming website called went bankrupt – couple of former staff decided to start a new streaming website (These are the people who joined on very last months of Own3d’s lifespan and are not to blame for the websites failure). Based on the statistics i could find seems to be 2nd largest gaming streaming website after Twitch.

This german based company has very advanced platform featuring a chat system that has only 1.5 – 3.0 second delay along with chat integrated polls/giveaways. Also their stream player seems to function more properly than twitches or youtube. While they have bit lackluster mobile app i believe that is going to get fixed along the road.


  • Average Concurrent viewers +100
  • Regular Streaming Schedule of +3 times a week
  • Stream doesn’t break Terms of Service

Or you can partner under a MCN Network in Hitbox

  • In you have networks under you can join (Similar to YouTube) with no requirements for most part unless the network has some. I recommend checking out Optimize Network in Hitbox – for most part they offer everything same as normal partnership minus the transcoding and sometimes they take small cut from the revenues.

Benefits of Joining

  • Stream Transcoding
  • Advertisement Revenue from Videos, Pre Rolls and played ads on stream
  • Subscription button of 4,99€ – you will receive 50% of each subscriber and subscribers will get Chat badge, 15 emojis and G2A giftcard worth of 5 euros

gamingtv partner Partnership

One of the newer platforms that started in 2015 in the streaming space. seems to have very large spanish viewerbase, but there are multiple streamers who stream on different languages on the platform too. One thing i really like about the website is that there is lot of things you can change and customize, also they have very interesting business model compared to the rest of the competition.


  • The Site doesn’t have any requirements to get partnered, only thing you need is to have an account
  • Also allows you to be partnered in other  streaming websites

Benefits of Joining

  • Ability to decided your subscription cost anywhere from 1,99$ to 19,99$ for example, but 1,99$ being absolute minimum
  • Stream Transcoding will be available for bigger tiers in their system
  • Scaling CPM on Ad Revenue and Subscription Cut (%) which is based on only how many followers you have, more about numbers here

GamingLive_LogoGamingLive.Tv Partnership

One of the smaller and newer players in the scene, however they have a decent platform and can become legit after they polish it. Unlike other sites they have normal partnership and premium partnership which seem to have different requirements. In Order to get in you have to fill a form –


  • None apparently for normal partnership?
  • Exclusivity? Not listed

Premium Partner Requirements

  • Concurrent Viewers of +100
  • 5h of streaming weekly

Benefits Of Joining

  • Stream Transcoding (Normal)
  • 4$ CPM (Premium)
  • 60% of Subscription Money (Premium)

logo_horizontalDailyMotion (Games) Partnership

This French website has been around for very long time and mostly functioned as a French YouTube with many videos on it, but the website has great deal of English videos however. They recently launched their streaming website, which allows you to push your vods to main website and earn revenue from them too.


  • No requirements to get partnered outside agreeing to their Terms of service

Benefits Of Joining

  • Ability to make revenue from your videos at the Main Website
  • 70% Revenue share on streaming and videos


I will be updating this later date when more websites unveil their actual requirements for the partnerships, i know for fact that i didnt include the korean and chinese websites, since i merely wanted to focus around the factor of western streaming websites.

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