Routenote Review | No need for Record Labels



Routenote Review | No need for Record Labels

Out of all media platforms in last 10 years music is the one that has changed the most. Record labels were making lot more money and they had more power too over artists and the industry, but things have changed. Now days you don´t even need a Record label to help you, i mean its good to have studios for recording but those you can rent yourself – internet has given us new way to publish music and that is RouteNote. Now im going to explain how Routenote works!

How does this “Self-publishing” thing work?

Glad you asked, first we register an account to routenote service and if you want you can use my referral code which is “2f741511” after this you submit the music you own (Album or single song) to their database and choose where you distribute it – there is multiple choices such as YouTube, Xbox Music, Wimp, Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, Shazam, Emusic, Rdio, Google Play, Deezer, Juke, Amazon and countless others.

How much does it cost me?

Routenote offers two different plans one is totally free where they take 15% of everything you make via multiple platforms you have chosen (i use this one). Then the other one which is premium lets you do single payment and get 100% earnings from your work with following prices

  • $10 – Singles
  • $20 – EP
  • $30 – Album
  • $45 – Extended Album
  • then $9.99 annually

What about ISRCs and UPC/EAN’s ?

RouteNote offers free UPC/EAN’s and ISRCs to all artists worldwide. The UPC/EANs and ISRCs can be used for both physical and digital releases.

Am i able to view my earnings and stats?

We receive sales reports 30 days after the close of the reported month. We normally take 15 days to update our system and publish in your account.Therefore, a month’s sales are reported 45 days after the close of the month, for example, January’s sales are finalized and published March 15th. – Routenote

Routenote payments

How Much i need to make in order to get paid? 

RouteNote has a minimum payment threshold of $50 to reduce the impact of PayPal transaction fees. Earnings will accrue until this threshold has been reached or the account is closed.
If you have exceeded the $50 threshold and have not received your payment within 5 business days, check you have saved your PayPal email address to the Payment Profile and open a ticket with Routenote.

Can i distribute Podcasts here too? 

You can distribute all music made by you (Doesn´t include remixes, you need permissions for them) but podcasts are also fine with terms of service.

If you are convinced already and want to try out Routenote please sign here and spread your music https://routenote.com/referral/2f741511

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