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Sony Vegas Time Lapse Tutorial


Sony Vegas Time Lapse Tutorial

This will be my first Sony Vegas tutorial on my website and there will be lot more of these in the upcoming weeks and days. Starting with very simple stuff – we are going to learn how to do Time Lapse and Slow Motion effect with Sony Vegas today. These both things can be done with multiple Vegas versions, but i personally did it with Sony Vegas Pro 13 (not that it really matters, but in case you were wondering).

Step #1 – First we gotta have a Video file that we are going to use either Time Lapse or Slow Motion with. It’s easier to have all files merged into one but you can do this method with split files too, but that will just take more time in case you wanna edit all of them

Step #2 – In case we are going to do time lapse it would be wise to delete the audio track since that will be lapsed as well in the process. So what we gonna do is go end or beginning of the clip and push CTRL + Right click and start stretching the video.

Step #3 – If you are going to drag it to the left that will mean it will become time lapse other direction will stretch it and make it slow motion essentially. Rather easy when you think about it, you can do this with multiple files and combine it with zoom effects as well or frame shaking etc.

This is one of the most easiest tricks and beginner stuff that most people do with editing programs. Make sure to check out our other guides at Tech Tutorial section and come again in future for more Vegas tutorials as well.

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