Spiderman Homecoming Review

Spider-man Homecoming Review

Months back i did a reaction to the first Homecoming Trailer, but now i’m actually reviewing the movie itself, which honestly i didn’t want to go to watch (Because Marvel movies been quite bad for most part excluding X-men trilogy & Deadpool). So let’s get into this thing


First of all Tom did good job as a Spider-man not good as Toby Macguire, but he topped Garfield’s performance in my opinion. Lot of important events where left out of the movie like how he’s uncle dies, which is one of the best back stories ever created to a superhero in my opinion – it’s a true classic.

Rest of the cast was Alright for most part, filled with Marxist casting obviously where all white characters were Black-washed pretty much. MJ was totally taken out of her character and made something totally different so was May Parker – these had nothing to do with source material characters. Peter didn’t really have friends in the other movie series, but now he had a sidekick who u know dropped couple of one-liner jokes that were pseudo-mildly funny obviously he was White in the comics, but now turned Asian, since he didn’t appear in other movies its hard to put comparison to him as someone who hasn’t seen him in the games or manga either.

Worrying trend in Hollywood right now is that there is bunch of these child stars and very young people in the scene at general this obviously is issue with Pedophilia and Hollywood’s notorious relationship with it. But in general it does feel weird when you have such young cast in the movie who are all minors.

The Previous Spiderman series was ruined with lot of CGI and bad phasing, this movie didn’t have that. It kinda had plot tho and lacked any proper character development on Peter parker, which makes me rank this movie kinda low.

Look…. i didn’t hate the movie it was entertaining in some aspects, but there was so much more potential to do more with the movie and having more closer bond with source material as well in my opinion.


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