Swedish Dicks Review

Swedish Dicks Review

Swedish Dicks is an American-Swedish comedy web television series created by Glenn Lund and Peter Stormare (as Viking Brothers), Peter Settman and Andrew Lowery. The plot follows two unlicensed Swedish private investigators trying to make a living in Los Angeles. It premiered on September 2, 2016 via Swedish online streaming service Viaplay as its first original production.


A former stuntman Ingmar Andersson (Peter Stormare) works as a private investigator in Los Angeles. His life crosses paths with struggling DJ, Axel Kruse (Johan Glans). After giving up his DJ career, he decides to join Ingmar and becomes a partner of his detective firm “Swedish Dick” (now “Swedish Dicks”). Together, they solve various cases, as well as compete with Ingmar’s long-time rival and owner of the best investigating company in Los Angeles, Jane McKinney (Traci Lords). Axel is also trying to discover Ingmar’s past and the circumstances of his retirement from stunt performing.

It’s always great to see content that is influenced by your origins (Scandinavia) i am a big fan of Lilyhammer and also have enjoyed Skam. Swedish dicks is like Scandinavian spin to Private detective setting, while it doesn’t have trillion references to Sweden and their culture at least you have the accent and two Swedish dudes playing main characters.

While its nothing super special or overly funny, i still enjoyed it. It was very lightweight comedy, which didn’t over dramatize things like lot of modern-comedy shows outside sitcoms actually do (frankly getting bit tired of them).

If Viaplay wants to compete in the market, they have to come up with better and higher budget originals, not that their licensed shows are bad, i just think one of the main reasons why people subscribe is for originals whatever its Amazon, Hulu, Netflix or HBO.

Great Stuff

  • Peter Stormare is very convincing
  • Great Pseudo-Episodic format that all ties in the end
  • Meets well with Swedish Stereotypes
  • Not overly serious Comedy series, the way i like it

Bad Stuff

  • Theme song is non-existent
  • Wish they had more Scandinavian actors


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