• Tech Tutorial

    Blurring in Sony Vegas

    Blurring in Sony Vegas This time i will be showing another Sony Vegas trick “Blur” which is something that lot of people are using constantly on their videos, its great way to avoid content ID Strikes on YouTube and has other cool uses when it comes to editing your footage.  Here is a quick rundown…

  • Tech Tutorial

    Twitch Streaming Tutorial

    Twitch Streaming Tutorial Since there are always those people who aren’t very tech savvy i decided to create a OBS tutorial how to stream to Twitch.tv with simple steps explaining all features and so on. As what comes to the personal settings and numbers on OBS i will explain on video, while in this article…

  • Tech Tutorial

    Sony Vegas Time Lapse Tutorial

    Sony Vegas Time Lapse Tutorial This will be my first Sony Vegas tutorial on my website and there will be lot more of these in the upcoming weeks and days. Starting with very simple stuff – we are going to learn how to do Time Lapse and Slow Motion effect with Sony Vegas today. These…

  • Tech Tutorial

    Multi Stream Guide

    Multi Stream Guide When it comes to growing streaming audience or just expanding fan base over multiple platforms – Multi streaming might be a good option. While some people do it inconvenient ways like running multiple programs to stream multiple locations at once there is an easier solution to all of this. I’ve been using…

  • Tech Tutorial

    OBS Multi-platform Tutorial

    OBS Multi-Platform Tutorial So if you are either considering streaming or are streaming you are probably aware of the 2 main programs that are used. Xsplit is one which has a variation of features and accessibility but to unlock all the features you have to have a subscription and it costs either $4.95USD/month for personal…

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