Best Browsers for desktop and mobile

Top 10 Browsers


Looking for fast, secure, easy to use browser? You have come to the right place. Here is my Top 10 Browsers from best to the very best. I Might change the list in case some browsers get outdated or drop support for something like Flash. Please consider checking out other cool listings and comparisons at my website whatever that is YouTube Networks or VPN Services i got you covered.

10) Chrome

Only reason chrome is on the list is that it still manages to be one of the faster browsers out there and has vast amount of plugins. However chrome is not user friendly and it collects all types of data and sells it to advertisers/governments across the world. Also the layout of chrome has been getting worse with each update

9) Mozilla Firefox

Another old school browser that has been struggling to keep its relevancy in modern days, used to be really plugin friendly and fast browser and most used at one point, but now has decayed pretty much great amount. Also not respecting freedom of speech in internet has made it less favorable choice.

8) Tor Browser

Excellent choice for people who want to keep their info private and secure – or perhaps want to torrent some stuff. While it only focuses on anonymity its still a good option for certain people who prefer security over speed/features.

7) Yandex Browser

A Russian run Yandex is a branced out company that also has their own search engine which is pretty neat, also what i like about yandex is that its fast and has clean layout and i really never run into any issues while i run it. Also yandex is pretty secure choice too.

6) Maxthon Browser

Maxthon is another browser that is very beautiful to look at, very intelligent layout design and responsiveness are something that make it excellent choice. Also maxthon has announced that they will be fully embracing free internet and the block-chain, which makes it great opportunity in future once they have prepared those features for their users. Has sadly a tendency to crash sometimes and not work as you want to.

5) Opera Browser

Once upon a time one of the fastest browsers in the net and also inventor of the speed dial tab that many browsers have adapted since. Opera is still pretty fast and has its own collection of plugins for users, but tends to lack features that other browsers have.

4) UC Browser

Perhaps bit more unknown browser out there, but i love the layout of the UC Browser and how fast and responsive it is, after brave i would say its 2nd fastest out there. Originally started as a mobile browser and later turned into desktop version. Very convenient choice for a mobile user.

3) Vivaldi

One of the biggest perks of Vivaldi is that its pretty fast and layout is just simply unique and beautiful to look at. Has very detailed browsing history and multiple ways to customize the layout of the browser to make it more friendly to your own needs (themes, styles you name it). You can stack tabs and tile them as well. All around very useful and strong browser

2) Ghost Browser

One of the biggest draw-points of Ghost Browser among its heavy protection is that you can use multiple identities with ease, you can log into twitter or YouTube at same time with multiple accounts. Ghost is based on chromium so you can enjoy vast amount of plugins and proxy options that ghost offers – top of this Ghost is rather fast browser too.


1) Brave Browser

A Revolutionary browser that is one of the fastest things in Mobile but not only that has very secure protection from ads, trackers and other information websites may gather from you. The most revolutionary element of Brave is that it allows people to contribute/collect crypto, which you can later give to Publishers or use yourself.