• TV Review

    House Of Lies Review

    House Of Lies Review One of my favorite Dramedy series of the decade has been House Of Lies it’s a series that has strong cast of guest characters and regulars like Don Cheadle & Kristen Bell. One of the things that made me interested more was probably the setting, media consultation is something that you…

  • TV Review

    Samurai Jack Review

    Samurai Jack Review First cartoon review ive done and plan to do much more of these. With the recent hype of Season 5 of Samurai Jack’s revival i thought it would be good to review the original series and find out is it worth watching. Of course if you are planning to watch it don’t…

  • TV Review

    Halfworlds Review

    Halfworlds Season 1 Review Halfworlds is a dark fantasy thriller television series produced and created by HBO Asia. Set in present-day Asia, the series reveals an underground society populated by demons from Asian folklore. Here is my mostly filler free review about the series Premise Set in the city of Jakarta in Indonesia – Halfworlds…

  • TV Review

    2017 TV Guide

    2017 TV Guide Last year had lot of great TV-Series such as The Magicians, Westworld, The Expanse and so on. The 2017 is very soon and i decided to compile a list of very remarkable new tv-series coming up for the year. Unlike other sites i won’t be listing reality TV-series, Specials or Sports broadcasts…

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