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Twitch Streaming Tutorial


Twitch Streaming Tutorial

Since there are always those people who aren’t very tech savvy i decided to create a OBS tutorial how to stream to with simple steps explaining all features and so on. As what comes to the personal settings and numbers on OBS i will explain on video, while in this article i just provide the basics among links to stuff you actually require.

  1. The very first step is to create an account to, since you can’t stream without one (duh..)
  2. Next up we need to download Open Broadcast Software (OBS) which will be our streaming program (Compatible with Linux, Windows and MAC)
  3. Open the video and look the initial steps about setting profile and first settings until you hit Broadcast Settings part.
  4. Now we need to get the Twitch Stream Key, which can be found from here
  5. We insert the stream key to the field and setup the server that is closest to us, i recommend downloading this plugin to see what is best server for you
  6. Continue finish watching the video and do the steps mentioned on it
  7.  Now that all settings are done, you need to add scenes & sources – whatever it be games, windows or overlay images
  8. Hit Start streaming button! Now you are live (Make sure to setup your Twitch page and also consider toggling the delay off)


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