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Affiliate marketingWay to Make Money with Affiliate Links

As i stated on my last article on my website there are multiple ways to make revenue with websites. Affiliate links is one of those ways, but its lot harder especially in certain type of niches and situations where ur website isn’t making enough traffic since not everyone are going to be interested or click the links. However there are many various Affiliate systems and i’m going to talk about them and of course list much as information about each one as i can.


Skimlinks affiliate

One the most known affiliate link sites out there is called Skimlinks, these guys have a pretty good strategy where as they provide affiliate links through services like Amazon, Ebay and countless others, so in theory skimlinks could be the only service you need. This is great choice for people who don’t/can’t submit tax informations or dont want to be paid on bank account for their affiliate earnings, others like CJ and Rakuten usually ask for tax info and don’t give paypal option.

Revenue Grade: My biggest problem with every affiliate system is the question how well does the tracking work. Sometimes i feel there has been so many clicks for certain product and you would expect atleast some would have bring something back to you. Skimlinks is kinda wierd in a way since sometimes they do pay you for Clicks and when they do, they pay very well. I think most the commissions are pretty decent % that are very competitive with most other providers.

Services: Skimlinks has ability to generate Anchor links that you can use to show certain products when people hover over certain texts. They also provide banner ad type of catalogue pictures with different products like cameras or clothing for example. Finally there is a search box for Ebay and Amazon that you can insert to your website, so if people want to search for some products.



Amazon is no small company as many of you know already, they have a bought lot of stuff recently like and other services and companies. While they aren’t the bigger than eBay they still have pretty big chunk of the current market share. Amazon Associates is one of the biggest affiliate stuff in the industry and can be a great revenue tool in certain niches.

Revenue Grade: My biggest problem with every affiliate system is the question how well does the tracking work. Sometimes i feel there has been so many clicks for certain product and you would expect atleast some would have bring something back to you. Skimlinks is kinda wierd in a way since sometimes they do pay you for Clicks and when they do, they pay very well. I think most the commissions are pretty decent % that are very competitive with most other providers.

Services: Amazon mostly just has links and banners to offer with % comissions. Top of this they do offer some flat rates from the services like Amazon Video, but ideally has lower conversion rates than ebay because paypal is not a payment method in amazon. They do have a stupid system if you don’t earn anything you will be kicked out of their service for good, i think thats in 3 or 4 months and is not a very fair trade for free traffic you will give them.

  • Payment Threshold: 50$
  • Payment Date: NET 60
  • Payment method: Check, Amazon Gift Cards & Bank Transfer
  • Stats Tracking:  Tracking usually updates daily
  • Sign up:

ebay affiliate

I’m pretty eBay is the big top dog when it comes to selling stuff worldwide scale and also affiliate marketing. They may have bit outdated tracking systems and everything like that, but for most part atleast it works without any glitches and bugs. Theres not much to say about them they are reliable and do pay their people.

Revenue Grade: Like amazon they have pretty standard rates when it comes to their affiliate links, however since they offer multiple payments option i feel people are more inclined to buy stuff from them rather than amazon, atleast i do.  Also they have this tier system so if you sell more, you are going to make more money with it.

Services: eBay doesn’t offer anything extra impressive just hyperlinks to their products and some banner ads with certain themes like electronics, clothing, games or digital services that they offer at their website.

  • Payment Threshold: 25$
  • Payment Date: NET 60
  • Payment method: Direct Deposit & PayPal
  • Stats Tracking:  Tracking usually updates daily
  • Sign up:



For those who are running gaming websites, G2A is pretty amazing way to make some extra revenue by having hyperlinks for PC games and other products that they are currently offering. They are polish based company who are relatively new to the scene. Offering games to Origin, Steam, Uplay and GoG, but it seems they do offer some stuff like microsoft points and nintendo points and perhaps more online codes for consoles in future.

Revenue Grade: They are paying % a commission for each game that people buy from your link, they also store cookies in peoples browsers so you will get revenue from each purchase they make and i’m pretty you get paid for all purchases if they create account to the website. They also have tiered system with the referral program so if people start using the affiliate links you will get a piece of the earnings to yourself from tier 2 and tier 3 referred people.

Services: Right now they are only offering services you to sell games at their website and throw goldmine (affiliate system) they only offer the hyperlinks, but you don’t really need anything else especially if you can make few banners of your own.

Hostgator-Webhosting Affiliate

Hostgator is a good option for affiliate stuff they pretty much offer domains and hosting and you will get comission based on what the customer orders anywhere from 5$ to 125$ this is bit of a niche, but might work really well in a setting where your website is more about running a website or a business.

Revenue Grade: Not much to say here, its hard to get deals through of course, but they will pay you decently for each purchase up to 125$ which is pretty good amount in my opinion.

Services: You can either use their banner ads to promote your affiliate or other option would be just use direct link which you can insert to your website or give to your friends. The tracking is pretty reliable and will tell you from which countries they received traffic from.


Envato Market Referral

Envato Market is actually very great concept as a business and i wish i had the idea first before anyone else. However they own lot of the big design related websites that sell services such as Themeforest, CodeCanyon, Videohive, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, Photodune, 3dOcean and Activeden. You can market their services from multiple different niches since they are offerring lot of media related services to people.

Revenue Grade: They will pay you 30% of account deposits or purchases from any of their website collection. It’s pretty good revenue however they won’t pay if the people have existing accounts on envato market and purchases made after with same account also don’t get counted.

Services: You can either spread around the URL links to each specific website in envato market or you can use banners that they are providing too.

  • Payment Threshold: PayPal 50$, Skrill 50$, Payoneer 50$ and Bank 500$
  • Payment Date: NET 30 or on next payment cycle
  • Payment method: PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and Bank Transfer
  • Stats Tracking:  No idea
  • Sign up:



Shopify is probably biggest eCommerce website right now and they have a very good affiliate program, which practically has two different models which you can choose from. I think they pay pretty handsomely, but i assume its very hard to get referrals under you, but might work perhaps.

Revenue Grade: So the option number one gives you 20% monthly revenue share of the person you referred and other one gives you  200% of the subscription fee, which can give up to 354$ and that ain’t a bad number i have to say if you can get 1-3 people each month.

Services: They are giving you option of a personal referral link to give or other option is to just have banner ads which are pretty good to use in your website.


When it comes to clothing and small accessories Zazzle has pretty good concept where people can come with their own designs and zazzle manafactures the products, so they are basically a printing service. You can make some good money with selling your own stuff here, in case you don’t want to do affiliate stuff with zazzle.

Revenue Grade: They will pay you 15% for each sale done and volume bonus which can go up to 17%. They have pretty reasonable monetizement model for affiliates and i recommend them, since they have lot of products that don’t exist in other websites.

Services: For the most part you can only use URL links to promote the products or you will direclty link to someones shop inside zazzle.  Then you have a banner adverts, which seem to be in beta right now.

  • Payment Threshold: 50$
  • Payment Date: Doesn’t say, it seems you can request it
  • Payment method: Check & PayPal
  • Stats Tracking:  Almost real time
  • Sign up:
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