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In this article i will be going over YouTube Networks (MCN) and what benefits they hold, what revenue shares they have, what is their payment option, contract length and other very important details you need to know before you partner yourself into one. I hope you go throw my personal links if you decide to sign up to a network so i get actual referral credit. There is hardly any bias when it comes to these reviews, only factor that plays in some part is the referral stuff.

Some of the information might get outdated at some stage, since networks change their contracts or revenue shares based on different channels. But i will try my best to keep this article dated as possible. Don´t believe in CPM tales that networks tell you, for most part its all about revenue share and other benefits, CPM dont differ between networks.

This article has been last updated at March 5th, 2017

Scalelab review

Scalelab Review

ScaleLab is US based YouTube network that has over 90,000 channels in their network. Scalelab can offer multiple different apps for free and good different payment methods for various channels around the world. Also their dashboard is translated to multiple languages like Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and so on (Below is a special recruiter contract that is better than the one offered on their main website, which gives 80% revenue share and no-lock in contract).

  • Revenue Share: 80-95%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal, Check, Dwolla, Qiwi Wallet, Yandex Money and US Bank Transfer
  • Requirements: 500 subscribers
  • Contract Length:  No lock-in
  • Channel Types:  All types
  • Perks: Epidemic Sound, AudioMicro, Epoxy, Video Claimer, Outromaker, Spreadshirt & VidIQ Pro
  • Partner Now:


iFree Network Review

Polish based YouTube Network which seems to be rather new. The great part about this network is the fact that you can request payments, which means you are able to get paid for example 5 times a month if you wish, long as you have balance in the account. It will take up to 5 days to get a payment so its rather fast process if you are a channel that needs money really fast. Top of this they have a referral program and Youtube certified team who “allegedly” will help you with channel optimization.

  • Revenue Share: 70%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal 5$ & Bank Transfer
  • Requirements: ???
  • Contract Length:  No-lock in
  • Channel Types: All Types
  • Perks: Fast payments & Channel consultation
  • Partner Now:

Fullscreen Logo Review

FullScreen Review

One of the biggest networks when it comes to overall views, fullscreen is bit a of network that is harder to get inside compared to the others ive listed in this article. They have strong CPM (So ive heard), but ive heard bad things about their support. Their contracts however are somewhat outdated, where they ask you to sign up for 2 years and have 50$ threshold on their paypal payments and thats something a network in 2015 shouldn’t have. However they have most vast sponsorship system with lot of different royalty free music, different apps that will boost your reach and also you have sites for stock footage.

  • Revenue Share: 70-80%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal 50$
  • Requirements: Undisclosed numbers
  • Contract Length:  2 years
  • Channel Types: All Types
  • Perks: Spreadshirt, AudioMicro, Jingle Punks, Videoblocks, Cover Song License, Epidemic Sound, Gleam, Epoxy & Showbox etc.
  • Partner Now:


Maker Studios Review

This network has gone by different names in the past called RPM, Paramaker, TGS, but now is mostly called Maker Studios which is a network owned by Disney as of 2015. Terms of budget and overall size of partners and staff they are in top 5 right now. They are a big brand with lot of big names under them, once you hit really big these guys can help you out a lot by providing different types of sponsorship services.

  • Revenue Share: 70%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal 25$ and Check
  • Requirements: Very low view requirements & no copyrighted content
  • Contract Length:  Seems to be 1 year
  • Channel Types All types
  • Perks: Epidemic Sound, AudioMicro, Epoxy, Spreadshirt & Dedicated Support team
  • Partner Now:



Machinima Review

Once a great gaming network that everyone wanted to be in, however they have succumbed a lot from their original form as a network. While there are lot of networks that give you bit lower revenue share, but you should never sign a 3 year deal, that is just super dumb.  They don’t seem to have lot of external help, according to my intel there is referral program and audiomicro library.

  • Revenue Share: 75% and 50% of their own Adsales
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal and 20$?
  • Requirements: I think you need atleast 1,000 views in last 30 days
  • Contract Length:  3 year contract
  • Channel Types: Gaming
  • Perks: Opus 1 Music Library, Epoxy, AudioMicro Music Library
  • Partner Now:


Routenote Review 

If you are artist that is pushing music out there i recommend checking Routenote out since they allow you to publish your music via Spotify, iTunes and many other services for free just taking a small cut from your earnings. Their YouTube Partnership takes 15% of your cut, which is pretty good deal i say, if you are musician this is best YouTube network you can apply for if you are only in it for the revenue, however they do not promote the channels or give anything except really a monetary service. Use referral code of 2F741511 and that would help me a lot.

  • Revenue Share: 85%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal 50$
  • Requirements: Doesn´t say, but you have to be owner of the music
  • Contract Length:  No-lock in
  • Channel Types Music
  • Perks: Content ID system (Limitations apply)
  • Partner Now:

Freedom Logo

Freedom Review

Freedom is largest network in YouTube, mainly consisting multiple super small channels, but doesn’t have that many big ones. Created by Ex-BBTV owner George Vanous, who left his former network TGN to start a new brand in YouTube. While freedom has pretty decent sponsorship and feature benefits for their partners and ask nothing to get it, they still give pretty low revenue share for the partners compared to other networks out there.

  • Revenue Share: 60% – 95% (More info about daily view requirements here)
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal and no payment threshold
  • Requirements: None really just don’t have copyright strikes for most part
  • Contract Length:  No Lock-in
  • Channel Types:  All types
  • Perks: Audio Library, Lot of cool sponsorship opportunities, great dashboard with lot of information and tools/guides
  • Partner Now:


VSP Group Review

VSP Group is a Russian YouTube Network (Русский YouTube сети) kinda like QuizGroup. What makes them pretty special is their vast collection of different payment options. It’s very ideal network for russians since they offer lot of different benefits to only russian members, not to say its totally bad for English/other language users too.

  • Revenue Share: 70-80-85%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal, Payoneer, Yandex, Webmoney, Unistream and Visa + Mastercard
  • Requirements: 50 Subscribers
  • Contract Length: Not sure
  • Channel Types: All Types
  • Perks: Music Library, Affiliate Program, Detailed Analytics
  • Partner Now:


Thoughtful Media Review

Thoughtful media is an US based YouTube Network with lot of venture capital funding behind its back. What i like about them is their scaling revenue share model that increases based on how many monetized views you have. You start with 75% and more you have it can go up with 85%, of course ive heard that bigger channels have received higher revenue shares as well with them. They have live support on their dashboard, where you are also able to view your statistics. While its still rather new network, they are building infrastructure and opportunities to their partners.

Union For Gamers Curse Review

Union For Gamers Review (Gaming Only)

Union for Gamers also known as Curse is one of the newer networks, owned by the great marketing behemoth Curse. Contracts were created by notorious Athenewins, one of the first networks to offers no-lock in and high revenue shares in the YouTube market. Also they have personal Ad-sales team, which means generally higher CPM than in networks that don’t have sales team, however its very limited to bigger partners.  Although they only accept gaming channels in the network.

  • Revenue Share: 90%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal and 1$
  • Requirements: 8000 views in last 30 days or 4000 views in last 30 days if you have 1000 subscribers
  • Contract Length:  No Lock-in
  • Channel Types: Gaming Only
  • Perks: Great Support + occasional beta keys for partners, Epidemic Sounds + Audio Micro (Music Libraries)
  • Partner Now:

TGN Review

TGN Review

This is a former network that owner of Freedom (George Vanous) used to run before he left. By far one of the worst deals you can sign on right now, they may have a great dashboard with tagging program called ViSO, but these guys give you abysmal CPM and little to no benefits when you are giving almost half of your % to them for doing absolutely nothing.  There is reason why this network is bottom of the list, because i really don’t see it being better than the rest right now on their current form. (Scam/Fake Channel Friendly however)

  • Revenue Share: 60%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & No Treshold
  • Requirements: None it seems
  • Contract Length: 2 years?
  • Channel Types: Gaming Focused
  • Perks: They offer Viso Catalyst Dashboard, which has tag optimizer
  • Partner Now:

QuizGroup Logo Network

QuizGroup Review

This network has by far most Russian partners out of all networks. They offer support in Russian & English though, but i recommend checking them out if you are Russian and can’t speak English. They are sometimes bit sketchy on their transparency and few problems with the referral program, but ive been always paid by these guys. They are one of the few networks that actually pay with webmoney, which is a good thing.

  • Revenue Share: 80%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: Web Money and Bank Transfer
  • Requirements: 1000 views in last 30 days & 10 Subscribers
  • Contract Length:  2 year contract
  • Channel Types: All Types
  • Perks: Audio Library & Referral Program
  • Partner Now:


Digital Minds Review

YouTube does offer multiple Music networks and Digital Minds is one of them, sadly they aren’t perhaps the best solution when you start to compare them to other Music based networks such as RouteNote that higher revenue share. They do have rather neat dashboard, which gives you data about your performance and also upload tool exists as well. As a disclaimer non-music channels are able to enter as well.

  • Revenue Share: 75%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal
  • Requirements: 2000 views & 10 videos
  • Contract Length: 2 years with 1 year
  • Channel Types: Everything i suppose
  • Perks: Music Protection (I Guess via content ID?)
  • Partner Now:

Adrev review

AdRev Review

While their contract may not be strongest on earth they have no requirements literally to get inside their network, they also provide audiomicro music library for their partners have good claiming system if you need Content ID certain videos (Some rules apply).

  • Revenue Share: 55%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & Payoneer
  • Requirements: None
  • Contract Length: 3 years ?
  • Channel Types: Everything i suppose
  • Perks: Copyright Support, Referral Program, AudioMicro Music Library
  • Partner Now:

Omnia Media co

Omnia Media Co Review

Omnia Media is one of the premium networks out there if you are high caliber YouTuber. They may have under hundred partners, but most of them are pretty large ones. Omnia is one of the most involved networks out there when it comes to partners, they are investing money on these partners like paying plane tickets for partners to go events and such. They also seem to have unique dashboard, but don’t know much about it.

  • Revenue Share: 80-90%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & Wire Transfer
  • Requirements: 25,000 Subscribers
  • Contract Length:  Not stated
  • Channel Types: All Types
  • Perks: Product Sponsorships, Partner Dashboard, Managed Status and Financial Support
  • Partner Now:

StyleHaul Review

StyleHaul Review

If you have a YouTube channel that is based on fashion or make-up tutorials for example then StyleHaul is probably best option for you. Its one of the biggest networks currently when it comes to views and it has lot of big YouTubers inside it from make-up industry. However there has been some shaky information about contract lenghts and peoples payments getting delayed. Hopefully someone can help me out to find info about the revenue share.

  • Revenue Share: ?
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal 25$
  • Requirements: 1,000 views in last 30 days, in three consecutive months
  • Contract Length:  1-4 Years ?
  • Channel Types: Fashion, Comedy, Make-up and Style
  • Perks: Brand Sponsorships
  • Partner Now:

Channel Frederator

Channel Frederator Review

This Network is mainly created only for Animation Artists & Digital Artists, they seem to have majority of this type of channels signed under them like Yo Mama, Film Cow, CartoonHangover and Simon’s Cat for instance. Currently having 285 Million views monthly and 1800 partners under them, making them one of the biggest networks out there.

  • Revenue Share: 70%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & Direct Deposit (100$)
  • Requirements: Doesn’t say
  • Contract Length:  12 months, which will automatically renew for another 12 months if not canceled
  • Channel Types: Animation, Speed Painting, Drawing & Toys
  • Perks: Royalty Free Music Library & SFX Library
  • Partner Now:


Nintendo Creators Program Review

If you like companies who are fair, maybe you shouldn’t take a look at Nintendo’s YouTube program that is in its core very unethical. I don’t like the reason that people are forced to go to this network, because they practically own ~90% of the games in their consoles, which makes it really hard to monetize most of the content that is by Nintendo. You can erase audio and you probably won’t get a 3rd party content match. Games like Smash 4 are not on approved list, as so you know, also the network doesn’t really give anything to the partners.

  • Revenue Share: 70% (Actually not stated in contract)
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal
  • Requirements: None
  • Contract Length: Doesn’t say
  • Channel Types: Gaming Focused
  • Perks: Absolute nothing
  • Partner Now


BBTV Review

While they are similar to TGN and owned by same company they are still different brand and are more focusing on music, comedy and artists type of general rather than gaming, which TGN is more based on. BroadbandTV isn’t probably best option in market, but atleast its still easy to get into. Honestly l don’t recommend this network due to their contract being  so lengthy and they are taking all the revenue and not providing anything in return. (Scam/Fake Channel Friendly however)

  • Revenue Share: 60% For Normal ads & 50% of BBTV’s ads
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & No Threshold
  • Requirements: None it seems
  • Contract Length: 2 years initial term
  • Channel Types: Gaming Focused
  • Perks: They offer Viso Catalyst Dashboard, which has tag optimizer
  • Partner Now:

viso network

ViSO Network Review

Still don’t quite understand why ViSO is also a brand in the bbtv company, but however there is absolutely no difference between them TGN and BBTV, its the same old shit contract with low revenue shares, long contracts without almost no benefits. Viso catalyst is decent tool, but it most of the time won’t make any significant difference. (Scam/Fake Channel Friendly however)

  • Revenue Share: 60% For Normal ads & 50% of BBTV’s ads
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & 1$ threshold
  • Requirements: None it seems
  • Contract Length: 2 years initial term
  • Channel Types: Everything
  • Perks: They offer Viso Catalyst Dashboard, which has tag optimizer
  • Partner Now:

Bent Pixels review

Bent Pixels Review

This Network i had some mixed feelings about, for the most part it doesn’t offer a really good contracts for their partners, when it comes to revenue share and contract time, which are two things that you should pay lot attention to. Bent Pixels does have some good sponsorship stuff like Magic Links, Epoxy, Spreadshirt and other small stuff like referral program, but they still lack aren’t very appealing when you weight the bads with goods.

  • Revenue Share: Increasing Revenue share based on your Subscribers/Views from 50% to 90%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal and none
  • Requirements: 100 daily views
  • Contract Length:  1 year contract
  • Channel Types: All Types
  • Perks: Spreadshirt Premium Service, Branded Content Deals, AudioMicro Library and great dashboard
  • Partner Now:

logo Review or N4G is a network under Maker pretty much, i don’t really know what they are offering that maker doesn’t it seems they are exactly the same, but different people running it. Fundamentally no difference, except you might get coverage more from this network rather than MakerGen since they don’t have that many channels.

  • Revenue Share: 70%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal 25$ and Check
  • Requirements: Very low view requirements & no copyrighted content
  • Contract Length:  Seems to be 1 year
  • Channel Types All types
  • Perks: Epidemic Sound, AudioMicro, Epoxy, Spreadshirt & Dedicated Support team
  • Partner Now:


RecStudios Review

RecStudios TV is part of the Illuminata network and for that reason it pretty much offers exactly everything that, Iricom, Rule8 and everything part of it offers. However getting signed in is much easier contrary to the other networks of the same thing. Not the best option out there, but relatively easy to get the 70% contract, while 80% has some requirements

  • Revenue Share: 70-80%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal, Western Union and Bank Transfer
  • Requirements: 200 views per day
  • Contract Length:  No-Lock In
  • Channel Types: All Types
  • Perks: In-built audio library on the dashboard
  • Partner Now:


SocialBlade Review

Another network that is under the BBTV umbrella. Socialblade is practically a sub-network under BBTV that has same features that TGN/ViSO have, however they got neat frontpage that draws lot of traffic where they are able to promote some of their channels videos (Not sure what are the requirements to get videos there). I do want to say that the contract is rather dubious where the network asks you to go for trial for 30 days, but if you don´t remember to cancel it you get locked in for a 1 year. They do have some experts who are able to look the data traffic on their own website, but lot of the info is bogus and outdated (especially estimated earnings are rather random). So take SB stats with grain of salt

  • Revenue Share: 70%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal
  • Requirements: 500 views in last 30 days
  • Contract Length: 30 day trial followed by 1 year contract
  • Channel Types All types
  • Perks: ViSO Catalyst, Website Video Promotion (For Some Partners)
  • Partner Now:

Zoomin Logo Review is one the largest networks out there along with Creative nation and Freedom. Based in netherlands these guys also own a major TV station there so they have lot better ad revenue due to ad sales teams they have in their company. They also do accept all types of channels incase you are uploading shadier content or copyrighted material

  • Revenue Share: 70%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal, bank transfer, Payza and Western Union
  • Requirements: None
  • Contract Length:  No Lock-in
  • Channel Types: Everything
  • Perks: Audio Micro Library & Game Referral Program, which allows you to get money for signing people online games
  • Partner Now:

Networks to avoid at all cost

The Bad, Horrible and Worst Networks

The 2nd part of this list will focus around on very bad networks out there, which are locking you in very bad contracts or claiming to give out services that don’t exists, even sometimes not even paying partners the money they own. By all means do not partner with these networks in the list, unless you have some sick pleasure of getting fucked over.

Just a disclaimer – that there are multiple YouTubers claiming that some networks are scam without any real evidence and for most part these 13 year old kids whining have little to no merit in their stories, for that reason i think its very important you will trust this article more than their videos or words.

Forela Digital

Forela Digital Review

Forela Digital is one of the networks owned by a guy named Kamran Sankey who has pretty notorious reputation over at YouTube Networks. If you are a network owner there is a chance that you have heard about him. Forela is part of the Illuminati Group that was founded by Kamran (But no longer head of the company according to sources).

 Scam Verdict: There has been multiple evidence of the following crimes!

  1. People have requested to get unpartnered after the contract ended, but haven’t been released from the network
  2. Multiple cases of people not getting paid from the network
  3. Claiming to have certain perks and services, which turned out to be false advertising
  4. Nobody is answering on Support Email or Support in Dashboard


  •  Revenue Share: 80%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal
  • Requirements: 200 views per day
  • Contract Length: 2 years (However they don’t unpartner their partners)
  • Channel Types: Everything i suppose
  • Perks: Absolutely nothing it seems…
  • Partner Now:



Music Nations Network Review

A Once network that worked under Creative nation nowdays it is independent network labeled as “Music Nations Network”. They have been scamming some of the recruiters for their money and haven’t paid some people. This trend has reached to some partner channels too, which haven’t been paid under them.

Scam Verdict: Following legit claims have been made against the network!

  1. People have claimed that they haven’t been paid by Music Nations
  2. Recruiters and networks under them have reported not being paid

Acifin Network

Acifin Network Review

A Once network that was under BroadbandTV until Google gave them their own MCN. However these guys have been extremely dubious about their acts and have scammed their partners in multiple times tricking them into contracts and lying about revenue shares. Not only that there are bunch of massive reports these people not paying partners and networks the money they owe them.

Scam Verdict: Following legit claims have been made against the network!

  1. People have claimed that they haven’t been paid by Acifin Network
  2. Recruiters and networks under them have reported not being paid
  3. Some partners reported being scammed into wrong contracts and they haven’t been removed the network even they have requested
  • Revenue Share: 60%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & None
  • Requirements: 1000 views in last 30 days
  • Contract Length: No Lock-in
  • Channel Types: All types, long as no copyrighted content
  • Perks: Managed Channel Status, Automatic Tag Generator and Very Good dashboard
  • Partner Now:


Purity Network

Purity Network Review

Originally started as a Freedom Sub-Network but then grown into their own brand & MCN. They also have expanded to Hitbox and Dailymotion where you can also acquire partnerships, they have rather advanced dashboard with very neat features.

Scam Verdict: Following legit claims have been made against the network!

  1. Stealing money from the partners 
  • Revenue Share: 60-99%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal
  • Requirements: None for first tier 60% share
  • Contract Length: No-lock in
  • Channel Types: All Types
  • Perks: Referral Program, Epidemic Sound, Ad Sales Team, Tubebuddy & Lot More
  • Partner Now

Creative nation review

Creative Nation Review

One of the older networks in the game and has always delivered when it comes to payments. Perhaps not the best when it comes to support (communication can take even weeks). One of their biggest strengths is their adsales that they give their partners and rather high revenue share too. They do have flaws on support side obviously but if you are not a person who needs lot of help, it won’t be that big issue

Scam Verdict: Following legit claims have been made against the network!

  1. Tax Avoidance 
  2. Partners not being paid
  3. Referral Money being stolen
  4. None of the support emails are answered 
  • Revenue Share: 90% and 75% on Ads Sales
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal, Bank transfer & western union
  • Requirements: 80 views per day
  • Contract Length: No-lock In
  • Channel Types: All Types
  • Perks: Epidemic sound, Adsales, AudioMicro and Support
  • Partner Now


Decided to add some Sponsorship sites that can generate lot of revenue for your channels (see full article here) if you are bit bigger channel. These dont require you to get partnered or anything, its just extra way to get lot of money via just doing product reviews and showcasing some games, fashion products or apps. These are not networks, they are just services outside youtube


Probably the largest Sponsorship/Brand service right now is FameBit – they currently have over 18,000 content creators at their service as of now. They have also very big brands under their system such as like Adidas, Loreal, Gamefly, Paramount, Office Depot and Marvel. They also work on other platforms such as Twitter, Vine, Facebook and Instagram, but they are mainly focused on YouTube of course. They also have a decent referral program, which grants you points and with points you can buy fancy cameras, phones, gift cards and other neat stuff.

  • Requirements:  Used to be 1,000 subscribers not sure if they have removed that
  • Type Of Sponsorship: Everything
  • Payment Options: PayPal & Check
  • Join Now:

grapevine Logic

Another large sponsorship provider GrapeVine has everything from Beauty Products to Tech products covering pretty much multiple different genres, so no matter what type of content you create you are likely to find something for your tastes. There is not much differences between famebit and grapevine except that grapevine offers referral bonus for bringing in brands while famebit gives bonus for bringing in creators. By signing into Grapevine however you must agree with their certain policies (Which are pretty reasonable for most part).

  • Requirements:  Majority of the Campaigns require +1,000 subscribers
  • Type Of Sponsorship: Everything
  • Payment Options: PayPal
  • Join Now:


If there is any tool worth paying for its Tubebuddy, this tool has helped me so much in terms of finding tags for my videos, which i wouldn’t otherwise find. Also the bulk tools really help you if you want to paste existing stuff among this you have feature to translate tags to other languages among your channel itself among its descriptions, depending on which country people visit from. Best way to get to know the app is just download the free version and if you want more benefits i recommend subscribing, since its not that expensive and offers multiple tiers.

  • Requirements:  None
  • Type Of service: High amount of data regarding your channel, trajectories, trends, tag generator and translator tool among other features
  • Payment Options: No Idea
  • Join Now:


IZEA is similar to Famebit and Grapevine it offers YouTube channels to get in touch with brands and get sponsorship deals, but top of this they also allow you to attach your Blog from wordpress for example, so if you have a website that is also an alternative way to get more revenue.

  • Requirements: None
  • Type Of Sponsorship: Everything
  • Payment Options: Paypal
  • Join Now:


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