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YouTube Thumbnail Tutorial


YouTube Thumbnail Tutorial

My first Photoshop tutorial will be about how to create cool looking YouTube thumbnails. It doesn´t take a wizard to make a clean looking thumbnail with simple tricks and without downloading any plugins or parts. I suggest however checking out Dafont for fonts to use, because some of the windows, mac or Linux default fonts don´t look that great.

  1. As a first step you should select the area this should be either 1920×1080 or 1280×720 other resolutions will stretch the image and will make overall results probably lot worse.
  2. Then you need an image, you can browse great stuff from Google or just use your pictures, but try to use big resolution pictures for better results
  3. Choose rectangle tool and create a box to the left side and usually try to avoid the youtube timer stamp. You can use custom boxes or images from google here too if you got some type of an overlay in mind
  4. Then you want to find some sweet font to use, preferably a questions or titles will give higher chance for interaction, then you can also use  two boxes for subtitle cases or just different colors or youtube name perhaps who knows, countless different choices there
  5. After fonts and boxes are there, then you just gotta do simple tune up by adding strokes to fonts, borders to full image or even borders to boxes, you got multiple choices here as well. Alternatively you can add some transparency to the boxes to create a cool effects
  6. For better image quality choose PNG instead other formats, besides its not like YouTube supports other than JPEG & PNG


Hopefully this easy tutorial can improve your Thumbnail game a bit. As few lessons, dont use bright fonts like red and green, prefer use clean fonts that are easy to read unless your video is about black metal. Anyhow for any questions please let me know and remember to subscribe for more photoshop tutorials


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