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YouTube Views Exploit


YouTube Views Exploit

Recently there has been a wave of new frauds & scammers that are exploiting the new YouTube views system, i guess so to speak they found a loophole in algorithm system and now are exploiting it. While frauds aren’t a new thing there already is bunch of people freebooting from Facebook (vice versa), or lot of the news stations – then we have whole new category of identity frauds who pretend to be big YouTubers and they even have balls to comment on certain videos and try to get referrals or other scammy shit for the most part.


So recently what has been going around is that the frauds have found a crack in the current YouTube algorithm and been changing their names to a number that is above million, which cheats the algorithm by pretending that their videos have that many views in reality they don’t of course have that many views and this results the system putting their videos above in search results.

By just searching “views” and filtering channels you will be finding atleast 1-2 of these channels per page, which shows how effective actually this method is. While i don´t know actual specifics why the method works and YouTube doesn’t collect the data from the actual view count instead of words on channel name.

What leaves to be done is that YouTube takes more firm action on cleaning these fraud channels and issues more IP bans to YouTube and perhaps fixing or alternating their Algorithm so it can´t be exploited this easy way. Hopefully this article & video was insightful and maybe you be interested checking my YouTube network article as well – anyhow thanks for reading.

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