Best Search Engines

Best Search Engines

Looking for alternative to Google? Well you have come to right place to talk about different search engines that exist, which serve your best interest and not the advertisers. If you want to keep internet neutral its time to consider looking into some Google alternatives out there. Pay in mind that i didn’t list things here like Ask or AOL because i do not consider them very good, they are severely outdated and are not relevant anymore in today’s standards.

Best Search Engine PResearch

One of the most interesting search engines is Presearch, which pays you crypto tokens for doing searches on their engine. Also this engine will combine all existing search engines in one and you can conduct search via all of them, which makes it really handy and interesting (They also have chrome extension)

Bing Search Engine

Microsoft’s Bing is 2nd largest search engine in the world right now after google having around 6.45% market share in desktop. Bing tends to show lot less ads than Google does and overall uses less images, while just focusing on the links and meta descriptions. While i wouldn’t consider Microsoft as an ethical company i would argue they are better option than Google is.

Duck Duck Go

DDG or just Duck Duck Go is a search engine that emphasizes on idea of privacy and the concept that everyone will see same search results so there is no profiling, you can choose a country however on the list. The layout is something that i’m not totally fan with yet, but after some time i can get used to it. While they do not show ads there is a system in place, which shows selected news on the top of the page, which seem to be establishment media for most part, which is a concern. Nonetheless this is the browser you want to still support over bing and google.

Ecosia Search Engine

If you care about the planet or nature as a whole you might wanna try out Ecosia a search engine that is using all of their profits to plant trees around the world. How it works is that they use all the money they get from adverts that appear on the search engine and invest huge portion of it to growing trees in South America, Africa and Polynesia, some of the money will go into advertising the platform and promoting it. I have to say very interesting concept and they have already around 7 million users and they are slowly growing up.

Yandex Search Engine

A Russian based Search engine that actually is bigger in Russia than Google although they are very close something between like 50% vs. 45% market share of users. While the English client seems to have a preference for some Russian websites its still a decent search engine and the layout is not too bad.

Gibiru Search Engine

Maybe not the most best looking search engine out there in terms of layout, however this is very fast engine compared to the most others out there. They also protect the users so they won’t track them and collect their data. They do however display ads on their searches though

Yahoo! Search Engine

The 3rd largest search engine in the world is still Yahoo, if you exclude Baidu which operates in China only. While Yahoo as a company once were lot bigger and had bunch of people use their email service and messenger like i did, it seems the company is going to very different direction now. At one point the search engine had horrible layout, but they gone to look that is lot more similar to Google just less ads. Still a good alternative however to google


Gwant Search Engine

Gwant is another search engine that is interested serving the privacy of the user and is very much alike Duck Duck Go however i don’t think they are using Yahoo as their base for searches. I have to say this search engine is really beautiful to look at it has done excellent choices on it layout choices + it has very cool system that allows you to search music as well.