Who Is America? Review

Who Is America? Review

As a person who was a big fan of Bruno, Ali G and the Dictator it was nice to see Sasha is back in action this time with multiple characters. Like other stuff by Sasha its going to be limited, since most people recognize him or his character by now (Also according to some reports some skits were ruined since people noticed immediately who he was). I do want put a disclaimer that i’m not from America – so i don’t have dog in the fight.

Who Is America?¬†explores “the diverse individuals, from the infamous to the unknown across the political and cultural spectrum, who populate our unique nation”

With this all being said Sasha aims for Political satire to make fun of Americans – or at least thats what it may appear on surface, but when you start to go further on the series you can see a obvious pattern, which is that the show is there to de-legitimize Republican Party. When you count the political figures appearing on the series you end up with only 1 Democrat and that is Bernie sanders the person who is leading sort of a rebellion in the Democrat party.

It is very obvious that the working staff were Pro-Hillary or establishment democrat, since for some convenient way no democrat was shown in the clips (Outside of bernie). Obviously they had to make Jill stein weird too since she is part of the opposition to Hillary. Obviously there is some Celebrities involved too and i have no idea of their political leanings so can’t say were they selected too.

There were many reports that some people were kinda forced to do ridiculous stuff where they confiscated phone from the bachelor star in the 2nd episode and forced her to do all these odd lines and photo-shoots. This was also obvious with the man reviewing the restaurant on 7th episode – when he was lied to that hes eating human meat. You could really see stress on his face

The Show is funny however at least in the beginning, as i realized halfway in the series that it was democratic propaganda given that they never bothered to interview people like Antifa or black lives matter – it was clear that political satire or not it was heavily biased. While i’m not American i do enjoy neutrality and i didn’t see it in this show.

Great Sides

  • Some of the skits are so ridiculously funny
  • Sasha has some solid masking and outfits this time

Bad Sides

  • Political Propaganda hidden in Satire form is not cool in my opinion i was wishing balanced mockery of both political spectrums
  • Some scenes were painful to watch for good or worse hard to say
  • Certain people were bullied and manipulated saying stuff with heinous methods and that is rather questionable in ethics side of things
  • They censored and didn’t air the clip with Sarah Palin